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33 years Experience In Affordable Housing Development, 11 Years as Best Development
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Best Development Group LLC's Founder and Principal, Ron Schulman, has enjoyed a successful career of 33 years in the affordable housing development field. Ron spent 14 years in banking and finance, 7 years in consulting and development, and since June 2006, has led Best Development Group to close and develop 44 projects for $2.1 billion in total development costs for its clients and partners.  These efforts have created or rehabilitated 5,892 affordable housing units.


Nelly Evans, Senior Vice President, has 29 years' experience in affordable housing finance and development.  Nelly spent 18 years at various positions with the New York State Housing Finance Agency, and joined Best Development in March 2007.

Esther Perez, Project Executive, has 18 years experience in corporate real estate holding various positions. Esther joined Best Development in June 2007.

Joyeta Goswami, Project Manager, has 5 years experience in urban development and housing finance. Joyeta joined Best Development in September 2015

Celida Guzman, Executive Assistant/Office Manager. Celida joined Best Development in October 2017. 


For more information about the financial consulting and development services of Best Development Group LLC, please call Ron Schulman, Principal, or Nelly Evans, Vice President, at (914) 472-0180 or send an email at the link below.

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